7 For All Mankind

The Design Week with Giotto Calendoli at the Milan Flagship Store on Via Manzoni.

The “Can you fly?” project was born and developed within our workshops thanks to the creative touch of Giotto Calendoli, an eclectic artist and founder of the HandleWithFreedom brand. It was a team effort that saw our ArtLab working side by side with the artist.

The paper airplane theme is told through a large-scale installation made up of placing them on top of each other. Objects that were then refined by the addition of words and phrases by the artist during production. Made of forex and hot-molded to achieve the desired shape and flight effect generated by the decreasing size of the various overlapping elements.

Hundreds of paper airplanes create a curtain effect separating the front to the back of the store.

The dynamic garments showcased in one of the storefront windows were “filled” with metal mesh, allowing for modeling during installation.