#UseTheExisting is the message that dresses the new collection by Ermenegildo Zegna.

Tailoring is redesigned on a circular basis and is symbolically depicted in the layout by a concentric structure that embraces the mannequins. Lit-up rods, curved metal, and opaque plexiglass highlight the garments and a new way of experimenting, thanks to the reuse of raw materials. The round wooden base covered with white adhesive vinyl is enriched by a trim that calls back to the motif on the wall.

The protagonist here is an inlaid wooden floor that repeats the claim #UseTheExisting through its whole surface, hosting most of the collection. Each letter was cut-out in our Wood Lab from reclaimed wooden panels, hand-painted with water-based inks, and put together to form a single piece.

The guiding theme of the different elements of the display is in the clothes rack, a wooden case with contrasting red wheels, representing once again the inlaid wood letters and the mirror coating.