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08 - 07 - 2019
An animated shop window for Loro Piana

Fabric, leather, aluminium and durmast. These are the main elements of the scenography that we helped to realize during the 2019 Salone del Mobile, for Loro Piana flagship store in Monte Napoleone Street. The set up proposed the characteristic striped pattern of the collection thanks to the handcrafted creation of two elegant aluminium swings, hand-covered with the fabrics and the leather inserts of the exposed bags, faithfully respecting both the proportions and the care of each finishing. The durmast seats, covered with linen fabric, host the bags in a frame that recalls their colours. The fantasy on the backdrop, the durmast platform and the carpets complete the scenography. The elements are also included in the store with prints reflecting the decorative motif of the window.

The uniqueness of the installation finds its maximum expression in the cohesion between the manufacturing quality and the high technology. A regular and continuous swing mechanism applied to the swings helps the showcase animation.