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13 - 12 - 2019
Christmas under DoDo’s stars

Charm, surprise, and wonder light-up DoDo Jewels’ Christmas. The windows we have created in Italy and around the world have the visitors plunge into a magical Mauritian night, where the jewels of the collection shine on a hardback starry gold panel. Delicate bubbles make the iconic creations fly in the charm of the Milky Way, reminding us that there are no limits to wishes in Dodo’s world. Under a starry sky, a wooden display platform covered with glitter embraces necklaces, bracelets, and charms. The universe of the meanings enclosed in the charms shines brightly in the Milano display. Micro led lights “embedded” amongst the stars light-up each detail, from the print of the galaxy to the sparkling display platform. The transparent spheres at the base, decorated with led spotlights, give extra emphasis and complete the scenic design. Attention is brought center stage with the unique, eye-catching eggs, the same eggs made for the brand’s 25 th anniversary. On that occasion, they were “hatching”; for the first time amongst the colorful dunes of Mauritius, now they stand out in the night sky of those homelands, arousing curiosity and revealing the collection. The chrome coating of the lower part of the eggshell embellishes the golden tale depicted in the window where lights, colors, and materials dazzle the festivities with wishes to make under the stars and the gift of precious joy.