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13 - 02 - 2020
Corporate signage in Fastweb’s Smart Building

Collaboration, interaction, and agile work methods are the key factors upon which Fastweb has built NEXXT, the new headquarter in Piazza Olivetti in Milan.  The important work that we have done in terms of  Corporate Signage for this new idea of Smart Building is a guide to the discovery of its wide-open spaces. It allows for an even more flexible choice in terms of work areas and suitable tools needed for each specific activity.

Plaques, signs, and posters become the voice of this new language, enriching the brand identity by telling its values of sustainability, bravery, and care on one side and allowing to be oriented amongst the different dynamic and highly innovative solutions on the other side.  Focus room, phone booth, meeting rooms, and break areas, as well as informal spaces that are functional for an increasingly smart working model, are clearly indicated.

The same importance is given to the signs dedicated to work-life balance, with changing rooms equipped with showers and a dedicated welfare room to promote sports activities.  In NEXXT’s fluid structure, innovation meets sustainability with solutions that include a smart lighting system and the total absence of disposable plastic. The focus on the attention to the environment is told through the use of wall signage that we have created and installed inside the 18,000 square meters of the headquarter.

Creating Fastweb’s Corporate signage and producing the info signs has contributed to confirming the path that Fastweb is taking. A path that looks to the future and in which we also see ourselves through our philosophy “andare sempre avanti,” meaning “ to always move forward”.