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08 - 07 - 2019
DoDo and the artist Windy Chien reinterpret the knot

How much beauty, history and meaning do knots contain? We discovered it by collaborating to set up the work of the artist Windy Chien, dedicated to the launch of DoDo Jewels new Knot Collection.

Hundreds of knots made of rope, handmade in different sizes and shades, arranged around the distinct DoDo knot that has always combined the leather cords of the brand’s jewels. Thus, the message “Stronger together” of the new collection is represented to celebrate DoDo’s 25th anniversary.

The fascinating composition of 200 knots required the artist a 14-hours preparation in our headquarter, to be finished and presented in the Corso Matteotti boutique during the Milan Design Week 2019. According to the accurate indications of the artist, we have made the set up in different variants on a midnight blue backdrop, by decorating the windows of all the boutiques.

The brand creations are certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council, aiming to guarantee the use of 100% sustainable gold thanks to Kering’s Responsible Gold Framework program.

So, sustainability becomes innovation and  the new collection combines ethic with the already strong personal message of Dodo jewels. Each pendant of the brand carries a strong meaning in which people can recognize themselves, just as Windy Chien knots do: unique pieces that the artist transforms into works of art and introspection.