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08 - 10 - 2019
DoDo turns 25 amongst golden eggs and colored dunes

For its 25th anniversary celebration and for the launch of the new Mini Icons collection @DoDoJewels “hatches” many precious eggs in its windows worldwide.  Created in a thermoformed material, the eggs have been hand-carved to recreate the natural irregularities of a breaking egg shell. The upper section has been treated with a special paint that gives a similar tactile touch of a real egg. The lower section has been chromed in order to obtain a golden effect. The light inserted in each shell has been positioned so as to emphasize the new collections. The Seven Colored Earths of Mauritius, homeland of the Dodo, are the background for this installation. This fascinating setting, printed on panels, transmits the brand’s passion for the extraordinary. In this way, throughout the world, the DoDo goes back home to his pink, violet and yellow dunes, where everything began.