12 - 04 - 2021
Eco is smart

Eco is smart” is Harmont & Blaine’s signature mark for the SS21 collection, uniting two values, style and sustainability, which strongly identify the brand. A real “tribute to nature” invites us to choose cool and elegant garments designed with the same common denominator: saving the Planet. This goal is a commitment that the company is undertaking to reduce consumptions and energetical impact on the environment in all the manufacturing processes.

The new collection’s eco-sustainability is told through the high-impact windows that we have designed, created, and engineered for the flagship store in Milan and all the Harmont & Blaine boutiques throughout Italy. There are very effective freestanding metal structures in the windows that, along with backlit panels, talk about the collection from its birth to its development.


The iconic five-pocket jeans, with the claim ONE GLASS ONE JEANS, best represent the new smart and green line. This garment’s peculiarity is that it has been created with a low quantity of water; approximately one glass of water was used compared to the 70 liters that are usually needed. The other display panels in the windows talk about the use of special materials like recycled organic cotton and yarn created using reused plastic taken from the oceans and other natural products. All these are elements specifically chosen to complete the collection.

A further decorative element of high communicative impact is with the window backdrops and their prints that celebrate nature’s beauty and the writings that recap the campaign’s mission: design your future, respect the Planet.

With this important project’s production, our relationship with Harmont & Blaine continues and consolidates, becoming a way to share with the brand the active commitment to safeguard and protect the Planet.