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20 - 12 - 2019
Harmont & Blaine’s Christmas Tradition

Harmont & Blaine’s windows welcome visitors to a traditional Christmas atmosphere. A typical boule de neige, a Christmas evergreen, brings back memories of a fantastic world, giving timeless charm to the scenic design that we have created for the most prestigious stores in Italy and Europe. The accurate large scale reproduction of the glass snow bowl hosts the print of the dachshund, the symbol of the brand, which stands out on a layer of snow wearing a small Santa hat.

The snowy fir tree background seems to invite us to flip over the boule de neige and see a snowfall on that enchanted landscape. Flexi-led lights decorating the perimeter of a semi-sphere sitting on top of an elegant varnished wood base make the entire layout even more suggestive.

Materials and colors faithfully portray the typical elements of the holidays, like the three-dimensional snowflakes enriching with movement and depth the padded base. On the background, the composition dresses dark red colors with snowflakes of a darker shade of red. This look is achieved thanks to hardback panels that act as background scenery to the Christmas setting, almost embracing it, making it even more intimate.  A white full window passe-partout frames the message “Merry Christmas,” just like a greetings card with which Harmont & Blaine lets us re-experience the emotions of a playful, light, and comforting Christmas.