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08 - 07 - 2019
Jo Malone: creativity in a flower

“Let yourself be inebriate by spring scent”. This is the claim through which Jo Malone London presents the new Spring 2019 campaign.

The shop windows set up develops in a play of elements and depths to remember the olfactory notes and the bouquet of colours that characterize the brand’s new scents.
The care taken both in the materials choice and in its processing keeps the level of an already high-impact creativity elevated.

A wooden frame holds a light pink, orange and yellow shaded cloth, which is the backdrop to the ethereal and engaging image of the poster, which is printed on flag fabric and suspended slightly ahead. A semi-transparent pink plexiglass layer adds a point of colour to the chromatic dialogue, by enhancing the exposed products.

Particularly in the stores settled in Milan – in Manzoni Street – and Florence, Jo Malone’s inspiration “blossoms” in all its elegance, by framing the shops façades thanks to a cascade of flowers which were shaped by hot bend and hand coloured. Instead, three flowers of different sizes are suspended inside the shop window space, enriching the composition depth that conquers the eye and accompanies the consumer to discover the new fragrances.