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21 - 11 - 2019
Jo Malone’s Christmas Magic: a scented spectacular.

Cascading colognes, light-wrapped candles, and luxurious surprises magically pulled from a top hat; this is how Jo Malone invites us to discover the magic of Christmas and opens a curtain to reveal the Christmas 2019 Limited Edition. Each window is a show of scents. A fascinating and magical living room inspires the design setting that we contributed to create for all the Italian stores. Here anything can happen, like the transformation of hardback panels in scenographic blue drapes with golden fringes that frame the composition. Center stage an iconic black velvet top hat, from which gifts boxes, Christmas crackers, and advent calendars appear. Elegant fragrances seem to levitate, forming the shape of a Christmas tree thanks to a “magic trick”: a display unit made of thin and resistant iron. Inside the stores, the elegant festive atmosphere, with a Victorian-era feel, embraces the visitors attracted by the message “Discover the magic of Christmas.” A fascinating charm adorns everything: candle holders, classy line motifs that decorate the furniture, and a sales counter decorated with hues of turquoise-green and chrome-plated gold. Gold becomes the guiding thread that unites and lights-up each detail. It’s a touch of magic that makes everything more elegant and astonishing, from displays to Christmas packaging, up to the trimmings that frame the focus table calling back to the drapes in the windows. The colors, the materials, and the details of the scenic design transform this experience in a tale, where the wonder of the holiday season meets the unique style of the brand amongst the fragrances that remind us of Christmas morning.