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15 - 10 - 2020
Kind to the planet. Love denim, save water.

7 For All Mankind launches the new collection and highlights its sensitivity and attention towards eco-sustainability with a renovation of its manufacturing techniques and its choice of raw materials. The new production process used for denim saves 7,000 liters of water per pair of jeans made. This reduction is obtained thanks to the use of  Tencel, a wood pulp made from eucalyptus trees.

The finishing effects, usually achieved by a laundering process, and the garment labels are now created using a laser, allowing for further save in terms of water and energy. This strong commitment is rooted in the campaign’s title, KIND TO THE PLANET, mentioned and advertised throughout the chain.

Having collaborated with the window set-up production for the most important shops throughout Europe has made us feel closer to the brand’s philosophy. The claim printed on the denim fabric is the main message and protagonist of the shop windows together with a pair of giant hands made from metallic thread and “covered” with denim cut-outs up-cycled from the squares of the hanging jeans. A window of significant impact is completed by the presence of a neon effect boxed sign hanging from the upper section.

Love denim, save water!