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19 - 05 - 2020
Passione Panino: structure and aesthetics of a new brand image.

White, black, dove-grey with bronze frames enrich every detail. These are the colors and materials that welcome you inside the new Passione Panino in Turin, a space that we have renovated with a new, clean, and welcoming image.  Following the removal of the exterior signs, a full makeover of the inside of the space with the demolition of some walls in favor of some new plasterboard ones and the update in the layout of the water, electric and air-conditioning systems was carried out.  The new bronze color lamps that we installed together with the new furniture complete and define the space.

A strong design element is that of the custom-made wall, an internal wall made of metal bronze color frames and trims, characterized by sheets of translucent ribbed polycarbonate. Its industrial style look separates the kitchen from the rest of the space, giving personality and privacy to the environment.  Great attention is given to each detail, such as the choice of retrò-style painted beechwood chairs, handmade by Zelo21.

Genuine products are recalled by the different graphics that decorate the front wall of the entrance, depicting the ingredients that are used and are highly selected by Passione Panino. The element that most characterizes the space is a recurring hexagon shape. Found in the external luminous suspended signs installed in the windows, in the prints that cover the counter and the walls of the bar area with a cream, beige and light-blue color down to the big hexagonal table, the main protagonist of the space. The geometric pattern works with the color scheme and the harmonic use of the finishing touches, such as the linen texture effect that covers the square tables, the snack countertops with all the sockets for the different devices, the shelves and the stands of the counter.

From the layout of the space to the furniture used, from the choice of materials to the delicate chromatic palette, each aspect is designed and taken care of to tell the natural simplicity of the ingredients. It invites each guest not only to come in and taste a sandwich but to live a delicious moment.