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08 - 05 - 2020
Use the Existing, Zegna’s ethical lifestyle

#UseTheExisting is the message that dresses the new collection by Ermenegildo Zegna. Three strong words that like a mantra repeat themselves in the scenic display that we have created for their showroom. The brand becomes the spokesperson for an ethical lifestyle, reinterpreting what already exists in the closet by reusing fabrics and manufacturing techniques to reduce the impact on the environment. 

Tailoring is redesigned on a circular basis and is symbolically depicted in the layout by a concentric structure that embraces the mannequins. Lit-up rods, curved metal, and opaque plexiglass highlight the garments and a new way of experimenting, thanks to the reuse of raw materials. The round wooden base covered with white adhesive vinyl is enriched by a trim that calls back to the motif on the wall. Everywhere you look, each element is in harmony with the others representing and redefining the circular shapes and line pattern of the composition. 

The visitors continuing through the showroom, are welcomed by a wide exposition space, where the call to reuse what already exists becomes even more evident and of significant effect. The protagonist here is an inlaid wooden floor that repeats the claim #UseTheExisting through its whole surface, hosting most of the collection. Each letter was cut-out in our Wood Lab from reclaimed wooden panels, hand-painted with water-based inks, and put together to form a single piece. The use of recyclable materials with a low environmental impact responds to the exhortation of the brand to give new life to products and materials. The space is enriched with different wooden totems, that have a fabric embellishment with a criss-cross effect in the same nuance of the collection. The woven effect is even more evocative with the mirror film that covers the inside of the columns.

The guiding theme of the different elements of the display is in the clothes rack, a wooden case with contrasting red wheels, representing once again the inlaid wood letters and the mirror coating. The new styling of Ermenegildo Zegna is being interpreted by the materials, the colors, and the lines of the scenic display narrating the encounter between the concept of upcycling and textile research.