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23 - 09 - 2020
WallRapture®, our interior material like high-quality wallpaper

WallRapture® is a wallpaper of the ALPAC Special Edition Wallpaper collection. It is easily applied and removed, ideal for quick but significant restyles of internal environments. The industrial effect is given by the visual look and the tactile touch, thanks to the fact that the material is mainly composed of concrete. This detail makes it unique and different from the other traditional paper coverups.

There are four different types of WallRapture®: standard concrete, vintage concrete, rust concrete, and rust standard. Thanks to its flexibility and thin layer, it can be adapted to any surface. In addition to being a breathable wallpaper, it also does not damage the material below, easily adapting to it.

In the RUST STANDARD version, the industrial look is enhanced with color. It is trans-formed into a coverup with a metallic look, thanks to the rusty color that is intentionally un-evenly distributed on the surface.