The exclusive denim fabric material wallpaper


DenimWall®, the revolutionary denim fabric material wallpaper, is perfect for covering and giving a new dimension to the space. The innovative DenimWall® wallpaper is ideal for customizing the interiors of bars/pubs/cafés, offices, shops and private residences. Easy to apply and remove it is 100% DENIM MADE IN ITALY and is available in four different colours: DenimBlue, DenimBlueJeans, DenimSilver, DenimBlack.

The addition of a denim ribbon embellished with contrasting stitching, aimed at adding the typical decorative jeans effect, allows to mask the almost imperceptible gap given by the combination of several pieces covering the area.

One of its peculiarities is its overprintability which allows for customization, making the environment unique and creating a new communicative space.

Paired with bi-adhesive, DenimWall® becomes a covering for furniture accessories.