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19 - 11 - 2019
Logistics Department, our strategic hub.

We have talked about the Wood Lab, the Art Lab and other divisions within the company, it now seems interesting to continue down this path, made of an alternation of articles that talk about our work, by bringing back the focus once again on us, to further understand the fact that a job well done is not such unless it is supported by a structure that is up to its standards and can carry it forward. The logistics department is a fundamental strategic and operational unit that can be considered together with the design set-up team, the division where organization, precision, and speed make a difference in managing everything in the best way possible. This is our daily effort to guarantee that our products arrive on time in Italy and around the world. Having an in-house logistics division allows us to offer a complete service. Thanks to our knowledge of the materials and the direct and continuous communication with the production department, we can choose the most suitable packaging to ensure that the products arrive at the destination in perfect conditions, thus facilitating the final phase, which is the design set-up.