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01 - 08 - 2019
Wood Lab, our in house wood work laboratory

A place where creativity is shaped and polished. A place where creativity is shaped and polished with original finishes, amongst the scent of wood and the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

This is the Wood Lab, our internal laboratory dedicated to all the wood work for the displays, pop-ups, scenic designs, windows, furniture and interiors. A 200 m² open space that represents a fundamental support in order to guarantee rapidity and a high level of customization for each project. Having integrated a Wood Lab inside our manufacturing area not only reduces productions times but also amplifies the creative possibilities and the innovative experimentations thanks to the direct and quick collaboration between the different departments. The different production processes can also be enriched by metal elements, prints and illustrations, reaching perfect results only through a coordinated internal production.

The soul of the Wood Lab is the 3-axis SCM machine, a precise numerical control machine, quick and ideal for a wide variety of applications. Each work is assembled and finished off by hand with the finishing touch of skilled craftsmen, able to transform wood into refined creations. Considerable attention is given to sustainability through the use of recycled materials and by differentiating our waste disposal. This is how wood acquires a new life: a solid base for our commitment towards the environment.