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17 - 09 - 2020
DenimWall®, our revolutionary wallpaper made of denim

DenimWall® is a wallpaper of the ALPAC Special Edition Wallpaper collection. It is easily applied and removed, ideal for quick but significant restyles of internal environments.  The high-quality material is 100% made of pure denim, making it one of a kind and differentiating it from the traditional paper coverups.

The possibility to overprint with any color is a significant plus that allows for the denim base’s customization with writing or images. This characteristic provides for this wallpaper to also become an in-store or window display communication material.

Just like any other wallpaper, it is easily applied with the use of glue and a spatula. The original material is made adhesive for different applications, such as on glass or for object wrap-up.